How to save a bundle on legal costs with unbundled legal services.

Unbundled Legal Services Demystified.
Unbundled Legal Services Demystified.
Unbundled legal services is a type of legal service in which a lawyer and client agree to limit the scope of the attorney’s participation in a legal matter leaving responsibility for some or most of the other areas of the case to the client. For example, a lawyer can draft legal documents such as a complaint or a motion on behalf of a client without formally appearing before the court. If a client is willing to do part of their legal work themselves, such as going to court without an attorney, filing the motion or complaint, corresponding with the court and opposing counsel, the client will save money. Another example would be in the area of estate planning.  A person may want a will written by an attorney, but wants to save money by having the will signed, witnessed and notarized by themselves. 

The unbundled legal service delivery model presents a good situation for the public who receive more options in the delivery of legal services.

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