Does a Revocable Living Trust Protect Assets From Creditors?

Revocable living trusts don't protect assets from creditors,
Revocable Living Trusts
Lots of individuals wrongly think that putting their property into a revocable trust will protect those assets from creditors. This is not the situation.
A revocable living trust is a trust that you make in the course of your life. You fund the trust by moving legal possession of your property to the revocable trust. Even so, when you transfer ownership of your assets to the revocable trust, you do not give up any control over the assets. You continue to have the power to put assets into the trust, take away assets from the trust, and even revoke or modify the trust at anytime and for any purpose.

Since you keep significant control, you are treated as the lawful owner of the trust property. As a result, a creditor can compel you to use the trust assets to meet a lawful financial debt. So the answer is no. A revocable living trust does not protect assets from creditors.

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